It's the early 60's. A great desire of upswing is in the air, economy comes in its most flourishing period, people feel more and more the need to live in more comfortable and well-furnished houses.

Furniture production, which is in full expansion, pushes Ernesto Colciago to create his own factory specialized in the production of extruded brass hinges. In a few years the company grows together with the needs of the sector. Craft is in fact becoming real furniture industry, where the keys to success are rapidity, precision and easy assembly.

It's in 1978 that the first patent by Colciago, meant to revolutionize the view of extruded brass hinges, is born.
That first patent was later followed by many others and the success of the company kept growing.

Colciago gradually became a leader company in this field. For forty years this company has been producing several items, different from one another, yet equalized by five concepts that have been Ernesto Colciago's winning intuition since the beginning: innovation, quality, assembly easiness and quickness.