The innovation that was born with the first patent and that marked Colciago's success was the hinge's ability to be releasable. This characteristic made it possible to introduce concepts like pre-assembly, quick insertion, adjustability, that had been unknown until that moment and proved to be advantageous. Besides working for a continuous improvement of assemblies and materials, the company did not neglect the more and more meticulous attention of furniture-makers, architects and designers to aesthetics.

The invisible hinge has the technical and project quality required in the industry, as it doesen’t alter the shape of the furniture.
Colciago is always seeking for innovation, and even creates exclusive products that come from experience and from a very close cooperation with the customers, to understand their needs and to find the best and economically most advantageous solution. That's why we are well known and appreciated both in our country and abroad, where we have very demanding customers, such as in the U.S.A., where we also have our sole agents for some of our products.

Hinges, then are not only essential components for the functioning of the furniture, but also accessories that have to satisfy any aesthetic and functional designer’s needs… Our goal is your satisfaction!